Welcome to the Adirondack Leadership Institute

Our mission is to provide retreats and courses to individuals and groups that strengthen their ability to lead, promote a sustainable vision, and innovate their industry.

We provide free and low cost guided wilderness retreats, courses, and personalized training to our members and personal development day retreats to the general public. All of our lessons are taught by experienced leaders and experienced adult educators. We are actively working towards accreditation and hope to be a fully accredited adult training organization in a few years.

We train our members in a holistic manner, addressing their individual leadership needs. All of our courses provide our students personal and organizational development. This means as a student of ALI you will work directly on your own tasks in leadership. We will work with you on getting your ideas out and bringing them to reality. We will help you work through issues in your organization and teach you the skills to keep things running well.

We challenge our members to reach greater potentials of enlightened engagement with their communities. We help them move forward in a way that grows the environmental and economic sustainability of the communities they work in. We work to alleviate the pressures of daily life for our members by allowing for retreat, encouraging personal development, and providing useful technology driven resources and training.  We invite you to join us in developing our new organization into something great and lasting for a better Adirondacks and a better world. Signup today to become a member or join us for one of our day retreats open to the public.

The Adirondack Leadership Institute is a New York State, 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization located on the edge of the Hurricane Mountain Wilderness area of the Adirondack Mountains.

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